beginning a new set of life

Beginning a new set of life may be enjoying or even dreadful.Whatever it is ,we have to keep in mind that it is for the better.Things change over time and we have to change to.You can`t be the same you in ten years have to improve yourself for the better.everthing is changing whether you like it or not .Thats a fact in life we have to except.I know life is not fair,but what is fair in this world which is full of pretenders,selffish people..?
what we can do is to change our perpective,as the sayinig goes--change your perpective and you can change your life. Thats one of my favourite quote.

beginning a new set of life, like going to school,getting your first job and so on can make you a better person whether you realise it or not.You will learn new things ,make new friends and so on.
but in the end it still up to you to take it or leave it

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