Reflect, do some soul searching

Its been one month plus since the starting of the new year.On the first they we wish to start afresh, do thing for something better and make resolution.But are you still sticking to your resolution now? it good if you are , but is you are not then you might want to reflect back and so some soul searching.

Take time to do some soul searching.We may be too busy and may sometime ignore what is really important to us without knowing it.Doing soul searching also maybe get us into new perspective and goals in life.

What have you done in you life so far?

Are you happy with your life, career ..etc?

What skill have you learn?

Are you satisfied?

After all the thinking, plan out what needed to be done.Set goals and stick with it.

It is easier said than done but trust me , one day you will thank yourself for enduring all the hardship to make your life better.

Every day and every seconds is our chance to make things happened for the better or worse .Its up to you to decide.Its your life. You have to take charge of it and not lets others determined your life.Be brave to pursue your dream and do whatever you want to.Don't lets what people think ,hinder you from achieving great things.

If you care about what people think, you`ll be their prisoner

During this one month plus, i`ve gone through a lot of things.Also learn a lot.
I have learn really learn a lot during this short period of time and im thankful for all the experience that make me grow up and be a better person.

click to choose your talent

Everyone want to be successful in life.

You may know that to be successful you have to be hardworking and talented.
Now that you are willing to work, the only missing thing is your talent.
You may ask yourself 'but what is my talent??Do i really have a talent..?'

Actually ,itvery easy .As easy as choosing the talent for your character in games.
The only different is you need to put a lot of effort for it to become a talent.

Talent can be nurtured
So,what you want to be talented in? Music, Art, Acting or photography..
Choose something you want and put your effort in it

If you are really mad (passionate) about something , you will read or do anything about it.You will practise without being force .It will just like your second nature.
With lots and lots knowledge and experience in the field that you have chosen, you will be more talented on it than others as someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things

It is important to find the talent you want as early as possible so that you can be a pro.Able to discover new things, to express yourself more.But it is never too late as long as you do something about it.

Decide what you want you talent to be now!

accept the fact of life

in life, we want many things.
to have, achieve and do.
it is good to have aim and dream but sometime you need to acceprt the fact you cant get it no matter what you just not meant to be ours

sometime we rejoice and be too happy we see something in front of our eyes even thought it is not our yet.We act if it is ours already , but in reality it will just slip away before we even realise.

if it is really in front of your eyes already try to get it before feeling too happy.

if it meant to be your, it will always be your no matter what.
but if it is not , even if it is in front of your eyes ,it will still not be yours eventhought you really want it very much

Ways to improve your brain IQ easiy

Get plenty of quality sleep. Studies have shown that your brain remains very active while you sleep, processing short-term memories and filing them away into long-term storage, as well as performing other routine maintenance. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night to give your brain the time it needs to stay organized.

Eat like a smart person. A balanced diet helps stabilize your brain chemistry, which in turn makes you think more efficiently. Certain foods stand out as having the most powerful brain-boosting effects: fish, which increases the speed of your brain waves, and caffeine, which speeds up your synapses and can improve your short-term memory.

Listen to classical music. Numerous studies have shown that the brain's spatial IQ improves for 10 to 15 minutes after listening to classical music, which generally resembles brain waves in rhythm and timing. However, this so-called Mozart Effect is highly controversial and has its share of skeptics. The bottom line is, listening to classical music probably won't make you any less intelligent, but it also may not have long-term effects on your IQ.

Have a baby. Unfortunately, guys, this one doesn't apply to you. Studies have shown that a woman's perception, memory, ability to do multiple activities at once and capacity for learning all improve with pregnancy and childbirth. The hormone oxytocin, which floods the brain during labor, has measurable affects on problem solving, which is a key component of IQ.

Limit your consumption of alcohol and other intoxicants but i advise to completely avoid it as you won`t benefit from it. The buzz you feel from drinking alcohol is actually the result of dying brain cells, which never grow back.

Read book!!

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