Different People has diffent perspective on different things .

So,even if we want to potray good personality such as friendly other can perceive it as being overly aggressive.

Being perceive of what is not us is not as bad as being rumour-ed of bad thing.Some people cant just stop making up stories and spread it out.Maybe they have nothing better to do.The thing with rumour is it will circulated and the rumour will be added ,making it from bad to worse.

Maybe it just a parcle of life that such things happend but we have to be brave .Keep it in mind that the people who started the rumor just want to condem you and want to see how you reacted.He or she just want a free show to see how pissed of you are . So ,be calm.

Many celebrity are worse off than you.Their rumour are even printed in the newspaper. OK you may be saying , they get paid for rumour or even paying someone to make rumor for themself for free publicity.
But some celebrity are really innocent ,like you.

remember you are not alone who has been rumor or maybe even cheated.many other has been through that too. Treat it as a thing that will make you grow to be a better person

We should try to improve ourself if its good for us but if such rumour just does not make sense ,just ignore it.

I admit that i`m not so good at language and writing but i`ll try to make it better.Your comment is most welcome .Sorry if I dont reply to your comment but i`ll take it and

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