How to show respect

In order to gain respect from others we first have to respect our self and others.

Listening attentively is one of the way to show that you respect others

Be true in your views and opinions.Even if it you have very different opinion from the crowds.Being honest with your doing and view will gain you respect from others.Do not be afraid of risk being hated for doing what is right.Be patience with those who critise you or make thingss dificult for you

If you feel that someone work or ideas is good, tell them that you appreciate it.Make people feel appreciated and comfortable with you.

If you watch people who really are respected by others, you can see what makes them different. It may not be their wealth, beauty, intelligence or the background they belong to. The respect people gains on the basis of these will never last long or that respect is not real.You will see the different behaviour of those respected and not respected

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