how to change to be a better person

We always have something in our life that we want to change.Change for the better.
And also we have to change and adapt to the fast phase society or you will be left behind.

The first step to change is to decide on what you want to change.
Is it how you talk or dress?Is it on how you see life?
You can write down a list of things that you want to change on a piece of paper.

Read and observe People
Now,you have to find more information on what you want to change.
If possible observe how people have done to be what you want.
read and learn more about the subject.

For example if you want to lose weight you have to read more on how to have a healthy diet and the right exercise.Also observe how people who have lose weight.


Be confident that you can make it.As the saying goes when theres a will theres a way.
So do what you want.Don`t care for what others will think of you.
People will always have some story to cook up even when you did not do anything.

Do it NOW!

Do what you have to do as soon as you know what to change.Do not wait until the next day or what so ever.Even if you have not gotten that much information,just do what you know first.

so enjoy the process of changing you life!


Different People has diffent perspective on different things .

So,even if we want to potray good personality such as friendly other can perceive it as being overly aggressive.

Being perceive of what is not us is not as bad as being rumour-ed of bad thing.Some people cant just stop making up stories and spread it out.Maybe they have nothing better to do.The thing with rumour is it will circulated and the rumour will be added ,making it from bad to worse.

Maybe it just a parcle of life that such things happend but we have to be brave .Keep it in mind that the people who started the rumor just want to condem you and want to see how you reacted.He or she just want a free show to see how pissed of you are . So ,be calm.

Many celebrity are worse off than you.Their rumour are even printed in the newspaper. OK you may be saying , they get paid for rumour or even paying someone to make rumor for themself for free publicity.
But some celebrity are really innocent ,like you.

remember you are not alone who has been rumor or maybe even cheated.many other has been through that too. Treat it as a thing that will make you grow to be a better person

We should try to improve ourself if its good for us but if such rumour just does not make sense ,just ignore it.

I admit that i`m not so good at language and writing but i`ll try to make it better.Your comment is most welcome .Sorry if I dont reply to your comment but i`ll take it and


Personality play an important part in our life.
It can determine and also play apart in our sucess in live.

our personality can also be determine by the surrounding, people around us and our perspective

people like those who have great personality and a good charisma.

I`ve read somewhere that theres 2 way on how men relate sexy with women.
the first way is of course the physical sexyness.its how the women body is and what she wear.

the second way has to do with the mind.with proper mind ,the women behave well and a good manner.she also can discuss many issue without having to wear to make men think more and in diferrent perpective.

The second way will last longer,of course and harder to find. wonder what you`ll think of a women in her 70s wear really sexily like her 20s.

beginning a new set of life

Beginning a new set of life may be enjoying or even dreadful.Whatever it is ,we have to keep in mind that it is for the better.Things change over time and we have to change to.You can`t be the same you in ten years have to improve yourself for the better.everthing is changing whether you like it or not .Thats a fact in life we have to except.I know life is not fair,but what is fair in this world which is full of pretenders,selffish people..?
what we can do is to change our perpective,as the sayinig goes--change your perpective and you can change your life. Thats one of my favourite quote.

beginning a new set of life, like going to school,getting your first job and so on can make you a better person whether you realise it or not.You will learn new things ,make new friends and so on.
but in the end it still up to you to take it or leave it

How to be popular

Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Nobody likes a person who can`t keep his words.Especially in a world full of uncertainty,it feel good to know someone you can rely on.So be that kind of person,and you`ll star gaining friends.

Cultivate a sense of humor
While you may not have a joke collection as huge as funnymen Jim Carrey,its helps if you can laugh at jokes and at yourself.Its hard to resist the sound of crystal-clear,hearty can set the seed of humour germinating by reading amusing books and watching comedies.And don`t be afraid of doing something foolish.People like people who are human,which means it`s OK to commit gaffes from times to times

Be curious about others
Show an interest in what others are doing,and they`re likely to be interested in you too.People like to talk about themselves.And everyone loves an audience.So go ahead and ask them about their hobbies,the latest movie they`ve watched and the cafe that serves the best cappuccino.A words of caution here:being curious does`t mean being nosey.Know when to stop digging

Look for goodness in others
Any fool can criticise and cut others to bits,but it takes a special person to see beauty and strength in a fellow human being.Open your eyes and your mind to find something you can admire about someone.Give sincere compliments when appropriate.We`re not talking about false flattery-that`s a sure way to invite distrust.There is something good in everyone,you only have to observe closely.

Keep yourself updated on what`s happening
Its useful to be in the know about something,if not many things.It make you interesting.Who want to be with a clueless dork?Make good use of the Internet,newspaper,television and radio.

Stand up for yourself.

If you have as much spines as jelly,its time to show that you are no pushover.People gravitate towards those with admirable qualities, and self respect is a wonderful thing to possess.Too many people lets other walk all over them ; so assert yourself,state your views and be proud of them.Don`t go to the extremes thought;maintain you stand gracefully without bulldozing the opinion of others.

Mind you manner
While you need not have the manners of the British royalty,you shouldn't`t be rude little bugger either.Sloppy table manners and slovery handphone etiquette are sure-fire ways of turning people off.Even being show off counts as bad form.

Really listen to others.

It feels good when someone pay attention when you are talking to them.So return them a favour and give 1000% of your attention to them too. A lot of people make a mistake of trying to gets a word in when people are talking.Practising good listening shows that you respect others.And respect beget respect.

Be big-hearted

Only little people take offence all the time.Know when to forgive and forget the little annoyance in life

an octuplets born

A women in california have gien birth to an octuplets at BELLFLOWER, California.6 boys and 2 girls!

no futher information at this moment,including the mom`s name, condition or whether she used fertility drugs.

The world's first live octuplets were born in March 1967 in Mexico City, but all the babies died within 14 hours, according to Encyclopedia Britanica.

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