Benefit of fasting

Today is the first day of Ramadan and the Muslim begin to fast.There are many benefit of are some of it.

-Overcoming addictions.Its a great way to stop your smoking habits.

-Free your mind from unnecessary boundaries.

-restricting food to the body will improve the immune system and slow down the body’s physiological deterioration.


How to show respect

In order to gain respect from others we first have to respect our self and others.

Listening attentively is one of the way to show that you respect others

Be true in your views and opinions.Even if it you have very different opinion from the crowds.Being honest with your doing and view will gain you respect from others.Do not be afraid of risk being hated for doing what is right.Be patience with those who critise you or make thingss dificult for you

If you feel that someone work or ideas is good, tell them that you appreciate it.Make people feel appreciated and comfortable with you.

If you watch people who really are respected by others, you can see what makes them different. It may not be their wealth, beauty, intelligence or the background they belong to. The respect people gains on the basis of these will never last long or that respect is not real.You will see the different behaviour of those respected and not respected

Closing ceremony of the Olympic 2008

It seem so fast that the Olympic have ended.Congrats to all who have won.To those who lose,don`t be too sad.At least you have tried your best and there will be next time.Before that learn from your mistake and know your opponent.

Making decision

The most important things in life is making decision.We all make decision all the time be it big or small.Whether you realise it or not we are making decision almost every minutes of our life.You are making decision to read this article.You make decision to eat, listen and so on .You may call it personal necessity but if you decide not to eat for a week than you are going to die.

Even if you decide not to read or do something you have already decided.

As I have said ,we make decision almost every minutes of our life so you may do it unconsciously.Sometimes we do it unconsciously that we did not realise that if can affect us badly or we were making a bad decision through our action.

It is through our learning that we can have more informed choice and therefore and make the right decision.If we did not learn thing we will not know ways or other alternative.

how to listen

One of other ways of learning is to listen. Listening to speech,radio,podcast or even music. Can you learn by
listening music? Of course,you can learn new words but you need to to attentive.

Have you ever been irritated when someone who keep nodding his head but look at something or somewhere else when you are talking to him?
Surely he did`t show respect to you!

Great communicators are great listenersand listening actively show respect to the are some ways:

Focus on the speaker completely and don`t do something else like checking your watches or even email.It`s rude!

Be genuine in listening When the speaker feel that you are really listening,it show that you respect him.He will ,in turn, thanks and respect you.You`ll respect him and he respect you and there`ll be trust trust is very important in any kind of relationship be it personal or business

Nod – nod once in a while to signal that you are listening. But don’t overdo it. Relate what the speaker is saying to what you already know.Also take note of the main point.

Do not interrupt you can ask question or give your opinion but just don`t interrupt.The speaker will appreciate your question or opinion as he tale it that you`re interested in what he is talking.Asking question can also show that you are listening and you want to confirm your understanding.

Take note of your own body posture Don’t slouch, sit up straight and don’t fidget .You body posture can show if you`re listening or just acting.

observe his attitude and body language. It`s all part of what he is saying.Sometimes people say something but communicate something else.You can see it through his body language

Watch how people act when they are talking. If you are smart and watch long enough you can catch a glimpse of their real personality.Knowing their real personality you can interact with them better.

The next time you are talking to someone takes note about the point i have mention and see if he really listening to you.Don`t forget to use it when you`re listening to someone else

China Olympics 2008

You may be wondering that this is a personal development site and what does it has to do with China Olympics 2008.We can learn lots of things if we really want to even if it just something minor or as big as the olympic

What can we learn from China Olympics 2008 ??

lots of things.I think that China had done a great job especially on the 080808 the China Olympics grand opening despite the many opposition and so on.

Few weeks before,I have watch many people from there, keenly learning phrases to welcome visitor to the Olympic.This include old women and men.The willingness to learn show that they are sincere to welcome the world and also to improve them self.
They are also doing their part for the team ,which in this case ,the team is China.That`s a good spirit and teamwork.Doing it although their parts is very small.

As for the atletic , even if they loss they should it as an experience to learn and improve their performance.It could be their stamina or mind that make them lose.They should try to figure out their problem .

There a lot more to learn .It just how you see it

knowledge sharing

Some of you may be selfish in thinking that " since I know more why should i be sharing the knowledge.They will be the same standard with me"

You should have the facts right.Knowledge alone won`t determine your success.Its how you use the little knowledge to make a difference.Even if you know many things but did not do anything,it useless.

Further more ,by sharing it with others you are unknowingly teaching them.When you teach ,you will remember the things more.You can also interact, discuss and hear their opinion which widen your horizon.Other will also share their knowledge to you ,so you know more and learn morewithout having to reads more book . You`ll gain something more when sharing.

Feel stupid asking question?

Are you one of those who feel stupid when asking question?Then you are not alone. There are many people out there who feel the same.

So how can you not feel stupid? Just tell yourself that clever people love to ask question.If you don`t ask question, you won`t know which mean that you`ll not learn .You cannot be a clever person without learning.

So start asking question now..

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