how to change to be a better person

We always have something in our life that we want to change.Change for the better.
And also we have to change and adapt to the fast phase society or you will be left behind.

The first step to change is to decide on what you want to change.
Is it how you talk or dress?Is it on how you see life?
You can write down a list of things that you want to change on a piece of paper.

Read and observe People
Now,you have to find more information on what you want to change.
If possible observe how people have done to be what you want.
read and learn more about the subject.

For example if you want to lose weight you have to read more on how to have a healthy diet and the right exercise.Also observe how people who have lose weight.


Be confident that you can make it.As the saying goes when theres a will theres a way.
So do what you want.Don`t care for what others will think of you.
People will always have some story to cook up even when you did not do anything.

Do it NOW!

Do what you have to do as soon as you know what to change.Do not wait until the next day or what so ever.Even if you have not gotten that much information,just do what you know first.

so enjoy the process of changing you life!

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