We learn to gain knowledge. Without knowledge we are no different from others.Without knowledge no one can say that they are better.So, in order to be better from other we have to read and listen more .We have to learn.

The more thing you know and learn the better.You`ll know what other don`t.But keep it in mind that knowledge without application is useless

Don`t expect anything from anyone

The thing with us human is that we expect highly on others.We usually did not think of other alternative or solution if the person we are relying on did not do as expected.As the result , we lose the tender or anything that is important to us.

In order not to let things happen again we have to have a backup plan. I`m not saying that you should not trust you friends or partner but things do happen especially at `inappropriate` time where you expect them to run smoothly.

inspirational quotes

What we don`t get from others is the reflection of what you are unwilling to give others

Apa Yang Kita Tidak Dapat Dari Orang Lain Mencerminkan Apa Yang Kita Enggan Berikan Kepada Orang Lain”

lazy people

Have you ever heard of any successful people who are very lazy?I don`t think so because all those who have achieve their goals or dreams work hard to get them.All of the true millionaire work long hours and have discipline ,to do things that they need to do ,before they get rich.Lazy people don`t get thing done .Even if they do, it`ll be late or in a bad quality.They don`t put any effort to it. When nothing is done you cannot go anywhere.

Lazy people dont like to hold responsibilty.They are not even responsible about themselves,wasting precious time.So others wont trust them and they are not important.

Lazy people will always point the blame elsewhere.They don`t even try to find out whats wrong but immeadiately blame other. They work less and sleep more.Even their "work" literally useless and mean nothing

So calling all lazy poeple ,get your butt off and so something important!

1cent matter

As the saying goes "bit by bit make a pile" Even if you put a cent to your piggy bank it is much better than nothing.Of course if you put more it is much better but sometime we unconsciously think "never mind,it just a little.It won`t make a difference" even thought we know that "bit by bit make a piles"So try or force yourself to remember it by heart. It`ll do you good !


We need to plan our small goals in order to attain our dream.It should be on a daily basis but we also need to have a weekly or monthly plan which is depend on how big our goal is.

If you are on a diet ,
-you should plan what you eat and exercise
-try new form of exercise
-should lose some specific weight at a specific date


WE need to be well prepared in order to achieve our goal so we need to have plan on how to get them.The reason why most people don`t have goals in live is because they see their dream as big and unachievable.But the truth is we need to have many small goal in order to make our dream into reality.

preparing for life

Whether or not you reach your goals in life depends entirely on how well you prepare for them and how badly you want them.Knowing what you want.

You're eagles! Stretch your wings and fly to the sky
by Ronald McNair

You are what you think

Taxi driver,I`m going to the ....

In todays busy world ,we are used to the word "busy" and "no time".We have no time to take a deep breath,relax and do what we really want.

Have you ever sit down and ask yourself where are you now.The "where" I mean here is not the office or shopping mall but what i`m refering to is how far are you from getting what you want in life.

Remember ,what you want in life is your `destination`.Its like getting in to the taxi and telling the driver where you want to go.but in this case you are the driver!

Not knowing where to go is the mistake that most people make .

For me, I want to have an excess of money that I can use for my parents comfort.

How about you?Do you have an answer for this:

Driver:Yes Miss,where do you want to go?

What you want in life

In order to improve in your life to a better one ,you have to know what you want in life.It is like asking yourself where do you want to go when you are leaving the house.If you just leave the house without knowing where to go you`ll no where near your destination.

So what do you want in life? Is it money,status ,happy family or what?

Some people love to help other.Other may not.Different people have different "wants" and perception of successful.If your best friend become a CEO that does`t mean that you have too,to be successful.Don`t follow other .Just follow your heart.

What to think?

As I havewritten on previous post,YOU are what you think.So who do you want to be?That the important question.

The brain is like a machine that you can control.What you think will determine who you are.You have to make use of it

To answer the question of " what to think" ,you first have to answer the important question ,which is" Who do you want to be."

Do you want to be successful or a failure,someone who is poor or a millionaire?It all up to you and to have what you want is all depend on you input .

You are what you think.

What do you think of most of the time?Do you think that you are a failure?Good for nothing?

When you think you are good for nothing than you are.But if you think you are good,than you are good.See what i mean?It just the use of our brain.

From now on -I`ll think positively
- make good use of my brain

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