lazy people

Have you ever heard of any successful people who are very lazy?I don`t think so because all those who have achieve their goals or dreams work hard to get them.All of the true millionaire work long hours and have discipline ,to do things that they need to do ,before they get rich.Lazy people don`t get thing done .Even if they do, it`ll be late or in a bad quality.They don`t put any effort to it. When nothing is done you cannot go anywhere.

Lazy people dont like to hold responsibilty.They are not even responsible about themselves,wasting precious time.So others wont trust them and they are not important.

Lazy people will always point the blame elsewhere.They don`t even try to find out whats wrong but immeadiately blame other. They work less and sleep more.Even their "work" literally useless and mean nothing

So calling all lazy poeple ,get your butt off and so something important!

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