Taxi driver,I`m going to the ....

In todays busy world ,we are used to the word "busy" and "no time".We have no time to take a deep breath,relax and do what we really want.

Have you ever sit down and ask yourself where are you now.The "where" I mean here is not the office or shopping mall but what i`m refering to is how far are you from getting what you want in life.

Remember ,what you want in life is your `destination`.Its like getting in to the taxi and telling the driver where you want to go.but in this case you are the driver!

Not knowing where to go is the mistake that most people make .

For me, I want to have an excess of money that I can use for my parents comfort.

How about you?Do you have an answer for this:

Driver:Yes Miss,where do you want to go?

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