how to listen

One of other ways of learning is to listen. Listening to speech,radio,podcast or even music. Can you learn by
listening music? Of course,you can learn new words but you need to to attentive.

Have you ever been irritated when someone who keep nodding his head but look at something or somewhere else when you are talking to him?
Surely he did`t show respect to you!

Great communicators are great listenersand listening actively show respect to the are some ways:

Focus on the speaker completely and don`t do something else like checking your watches or even email.It`s rude!

Be genuine in listening When the speaker feel that you are really listening,it show that you respect him.He will ,in turn, thanks and respect you.You`ll respect him and he respect you and there`ll be trust trust is very important in any kind of relationship be it personal or business

Nod – nod once in a while to signal that you are listening. But don’t overdo it. Relate what the speaker is saying to what you already know.Also take note of the main point.

Do not interrupt you can ask question or give your opinion but just don`t interrupt.The speaker will appreciate your question or opinion as he tale it that you`re interested in what he is talking.Asking question can also show that you are listening and you want to confirm your understanding.

Take note of your own body posture Don’t slouch, sit up straight and don’t fidget .You body posture can show if you`re listening or just acting.

observe his attitude and body language. It`s all part of what he is saying.Sometimes people say something but communicate something else.You can see it through his body language

Watch how people act when they are talking. If you are smart and watch long enough you can catch a glimpse of their real personality.Knowing their real personality you can interact with them better.

The next time you are talking to someone takes note about the point i have mention and see if he really listening to you.Don`t forget to use it when you`re listening to someone else

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