China Olympics 2008

You may be wondering that this is a personal development site and what does it has to do with China Olympics 2008.We can learn lots of things if we really want to even if it just something minor or as big as the olympic

What can we learn from China Olympics 2008 ??

lots of things.I think that China had done a great job especially on the 080808 the China Olympics grand opening despite the many opposition and so on.

Few weeks before,I have watch many people from there, keenly learning phrases to welcome visitor to the Olympic.This include old women and men.The willingness to learn show that they are sincere to welcome the world and also to improve them self.
They are also doing their part for the team ,which in this case ,the team is China.That`s a good spirit and teamwork.Doing it although their parts is very small.

As for the atletic , even if they loss they should it as an experience to learn and improve their performance.It could be their stamina or mind that make them lose.They should try to figure out their problem .

There a lot more to learn .It just how you see it

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