make a decision

Making the right decision is important be it big or small.Often we regret what we have decide and say "i`ve should have ...."

When you have to make a decision to make, it`s usually because you have more then two options.What you have to do is to weight the pros and could write it down on a piece of paper.Divide the paper into two and write the anvantaged and diavantages .
In most cases in life you have do it with just your brain as the decision need to be quick.
Then narrow the options and choose what is important to you or the situation.Also look at a decision from different perspectives ,talk to someone about your decision ,so that you can make a better choice.When evluating ,don`t be influence by what you friends have said.

When making decision,avoiding "jumping to conclusions" and always think of the consequences that will happen if you make that very decision.Most importantly -trust your gut.

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